Our Fees

StratFI is a fee-only advisor. We believe that a fee-based approach reduces or eliminates the conflicts of interest that are possible within a typical commission-based structure. This allows us to focus squarely on our clients' best interests at all times.

Investment Management

Our annual advisory fees are based on the total assets under management with our firm according to the following schedule:

1.00% for the first $2 million
0.75% for assets over $2 million

Investment management clients receive monthly performance reporting and may continue their relationship with StratFI for as long as they choose.

Portfolio Consulting

StratFI provides hourly consulting services at the rate of $250 per hour. We provide estimates for total consulting hours required prior to the start of the relationship.

Consulting clients who become investment management clients within a six-month period may have a portion (or all) of their consulting fees waived or applied toward investment management fees.

Complimentary Review